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Carragher Academy wins 17 trophies at London Open

Carragher Academy London Open 2017_3

Bermondsey’s Carragher Academy won an incredible 17 championships at the Irish Dancing London Open, which they hosted on 25 February at Bacon’s College.

Irish dance schools from all over London attended the competition, which Carragher Academy raised over £3,000 to stage through hosting a dance-athon in the previous week.

Carragher Academy won all trophies in solo dance categories, with the academy’s talented dancers achieving many more podium finishes across all categories.

Carragher Academy London Open 2017_2

Sarah Carragher, co-founder of Carragher Academy said: “I want to thank everyone that attended the London Open and hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I also want to send out a big thank you to all the parents who helped organise the competition and helped tape the floor in the morning. We couldn’t have staged such a successful tournament without the help of these volunteers.”

Jessica Carragher, co-founder of Carragher Academy said: “Everyone at Carragher Academy is incredibly proud of the dancer’s on their terrific achievements. They all trained and practiced so hard to ensure they performed well on the day and it paid off for them.”

Prem Goyal, Patron of Carragher Academy, said: “I am pleased to hear about the success of the London Open. The dancer’s continued success makes me incredibly proud to be Patron,”

Congratulations to everyone associated with Carragher Academy on their achievements.

Carragher Academy London Open 2017_1