Celebrating Eid in Portsoken

Portsoken Eid 2017_2

Global Markets Consultants (GMC) sponsored a special Eid celebration event in the City of London on Saturday 15 July.

70 local business leaders, community leaders and members of the Portsoken community celebrated Eid together, which was held at the City of Paris restaurant.  Everyone enjoyed the delicious food and afterwards danced to the Bollywood music.

At the event, Ayesha Azad, a respected community leader in Portsoken, was awarded the GMC Life Achievement Award 2017 by GMC CEO Prem Goyal for her outstanding contributions to Portsoken Ward and the City of London.

Portsoken Eid 2017_3

Presenting the award, John Fletcher, a Common Councilman in the City of London, said: “It’s delightful that people from all walks of life and different backgrounds have celebrated Eid together and recognized a champion for her contributions to the community.”.

Congratulations to Ayesha on her achievement.

Portsoken Eid 2017_1