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Celebrating Nigerian independence in the City

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On Monday 2 October, I had the honour to be part of history as the City of London hosted its first ever ceremony to commemorate the independence of Nigeria at Guildhall.

Ever since I started working in the City in 1999, I have longed for the City of London Corporation to make more effort to celebrate the diverse cultures of the city’s diverse workforce and population by staging Independence Day events for different countries.

This is why, 18 years later, it gave me tremendous pleasure for my company to facilitate and support the Nigeria’s 57th independence anniversary event at Guildhall.

Nigerian Independence Guildhall_2_v2

It was pleasing to see about 100 Nigerian community leaders and businesspeople attend this historical occasion. Even more pleasing was seeing how warmly the City embraced the event, as former Lord Mayor Richard Gifford welcomed the guests. Ken Olisa OBE, Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, also joined the occasion to mark the celebration.

This event was not just about strengthening cultural enrichment in the City however. Given Nigeria’s economic strength, this event should play a pivotal role in strengthening Britain’s international trade with Nigeria, a factor that should be given urgent  attention as Britain leaves the European Union.

My next goal is to encourage the City of London Corporation to stage more historical  events at its epicentre of Guildhall, beginning with the independence days of Bangladesh and Colombia in 2018.