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City must act now on Middlesex Street car park

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In September, I was invited to visit the Middlesex Street estate, including its car park.  I was totally shocked to see the derelict car park in the City with all sorts of associated issues. To help this badly neglected issue, I joined the Middlesex Street Development Working Group. After coming out of its first meeting in early October, I was appalled by the lack of progress the City has made on renovating the Middlesex Street car park.

For many months, the City’s mismanagement of restoring Portsoken’s most derelict car park has been nothing short of embarrassing. Their indecision and lack of urgency has put the security and safety of Portsoken residents at risk, as well as depriving the ward of a legitimate revenue-generating amenity which can be used for the benefit of the community.

Currently, the car park’s first and second floor are unfortunately not in use, meaning two thirds of the facility is not available to residents and commuters. To compound this issue, the security barriers in the open basement floor are not operational and the ANPR camera is also broken.  Many residents who parked there have complained about this issue, which is dearly interfering in their day to day life, to me and other Common Councilmen.

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The car park’s lack of security provisions has attracted an irritating number of drug-dealers and hooligans to the facility. I have spoken to a considerable number of residents on Middlesex Street Estate who tell me that they feel threatened and vulnerable when visiting the car park because of the lackluster security in place.

The City and the working group, to their credit, have recognized the urgency of this matter and promised to come up with a long-lasting solution.  Whatever course of action the City decides to adopt, one thing is for certain: The City MUST act promptly.

The more time the City of London Corporation spends dithering over the solution, the more time that Portsoken will be deprived of a revenue-raising commodity on their doorstep; revenue that could be reinvested into the local community

This derelict car park, as it stands, is nothing but a nuisance to the Middlesex Street Estate community. As your Alderman, I will use my gravitas and influence to ensure that the issue is resolved sooner rather than later to the ultimate satisfaction and safety of the residents.