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City of London Issues

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Issue: Homeless people sleeping and begging outside businesses with little help from the City of London Corporation

What People are Saying:‘It is frustrating that homeless people are sleeping in the City. It is having a negative impact on our business and customers. The City of London Corporation need to do more to help or rehouse them.’

‘We would not employ intimidating security personnel to move people on, but the issue of rough sleepers blocking our entrance or begging next to our entrance is a challenge.’


Issue: Not enough bins! Public bins are either overflowing with rubbish or are nowhere to be seen

What People are Saying:‘There have been ongoing issues with rubbish as there aren’t a sufficient amount of bins in places where crowds gather, especially near parks and pubs. We need more bins and a better rubbish collection service.’


Issue: Noise from year round construction works and anti-social behaviour

What People are Saying:‘The noise can be unbearable. Living here is like living in hell sometimes.’


Issue: More police to protect residents and businesses and ensure a safe environment for everyone in Bishopsgate.

What People are Saying:‘Some cyclists, especially courier and delivery cyclists, are extremely dangerous and do not respect the road rules. They are putting pedestrians in serious danger. This issue must be tackled by police more forcefully.’ TR


Issue: A distinct lack of green spaces and parks in Bishopsgate to improve environmental health.

What People are Saying:‘Streets used to be far cleaner in previous years. We need to find ways to stop public urination and deter people from vomiting in open spaces after drinking too much. We need to keep our streets clean all year round.’


Problem: Weak mobile signal and slow broadband speed in the Bishopsgate area, adversely affecting both businesses and residents.

What People are Saying:‘The broadband speed is very slow and it is hurting the performance of small businesses like ours. Big businesses can afford to have their own dedicated servers or broadband connections.’


Issue: Employees and business impacted by year round construction starting in the early morning until the evening

What People are Saying:‘Year round construction is hurting our business and pushing customers away. We need the City to support small businesses like ours.’


Issue: Businesses and residents fearful about the stability of the UK economy and their livelihoods following the vote for Brexit

What People are Saying:‘The business rates are killing us especially given the uncertain business environment after Brexit. The rates should be lowered now.’


Problem: Poor traffic flow in the City, especially during rush hours, and a need for adequate transport in and out of the City.

What People are Saying:‘We want better transport in the City to grow our businesses. Making tubes 24 hours every day would be a good start. What are we waiting for?!’

‘There should be no stopping on any double yellow line for deliveries during the morning and evening rush hours. We must improve traffic flow in the City.’


Problem: Lack of action taken to improve air quality in the City

What People are Saying:‘I don’t think we’re taking air quality and pollution levels seriously enough. Poor air quality is especially damaging for our children and those with health conditions. We need action from the Corporation now.’


Problem: Not enough adequate business space to accommodate growing businesses and start-ups, as well as lack of affordable residential accommodation.

What People are Saying:‘The City needs to make sure that the developers who build residential accommodation help existing residents by planning for extra demand on local services.’


Problem: Businesses and residents are not kept abreast of the latest developments and policy changes in the City.

What People are Saying:‘We have no idea what the City of London Corporation does. They need to develop effective ways of communicating with businesses and getting their feedback, especially from SMEs.’