Furthering diversity with the Lord Mayor


Prem Goyal was invited by the Lord Mayor of London, Jeffrey Evans, to his official residence of Mansion House to tap his expertise in uniting London communities through celebrating diversity.

Sharing his experiences with the Mayor, who took office on 13 November this year, Prem suggested different strategies to increase diversity at exclusive City of London events, by including people from all races and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Prem also discussed increasing the involvement of new immigrants, thereby maintaining the 800 years old tradition of the City, to urgently raise money for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal’s two chosen charities for 2016, JDRF (Type 1 Diabetes) and the Sea Cadets.

At Dame Fiona Woolf’s Annual Reflections as Lord Mayor in October, Prem pledged in his speech to invest £1 million to promoting diversity, equality and inclusion in the City of London.

The Lord Mayor and Prem will continue to work together to promote diversity in the City.

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