Motivating Young people to aim higher

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Prem Goyal, CEO of Global Markets Consultants, and Aaron D’Souza, GMC Business Manager attended the Breaking Bread with a Professional event jointly hosted by Think It Possible and Angle House Foundation on Saturday 9 July.

The event, which was staged at Spotlight in East London, saw over 200 people attend, including 150 young people plus support staff and other business leaders.

Prem Goyal, gave a keynote speech, stressing the importance of setting ambitious goals and making sacrifices to achieve them.

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In his presentation, Aaron shared his responsibilities as a Business Manager, highlighting key attributes of self discipline, high-work ethic, integrity, reliability anda results-driven focus. Aaron also stressed the importance of time management in being a good business professional, making significant savings to invest your career and future and making yourself the equivalent of an iPhone or desired brand in the eyes of employers.

Time Spent Pie Chart-Decathlon
Two slides from Aaron D’Souza’s presentation

Thank you to Anis Aneel Idress, Founder of Think It Possible, and Mr Hemant Patel of Angle House Foundation for organising this inspirational event.

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