Observing Orbis’s new flying eye hospital

Orbis Event_10

Prem Goyal, CEO of Global Markets Consultants (GMC), and Aaron D’Souza, Business Manager of GMC, were invited to observe the UK unveiling of Orbis’s new flying eye hospital at Stansted Airport on 17 March.

Prem and Aaron were personally invited to the event by RAF Club Vice-Chairman Rick Peacock Edwards, following their attendance at a supporters events for Orbis UK at the RAF Club last year.

The event included a guided tour of the flying eye hospital, which contained the state of the art technology used to train and treat people.

The flying eye hospital is part of Operation Sight, a campaign by Orbis to train over 100,000 eye care professionals worldwide and improve eye-care practices at 30 hospitals in countries in Asia and Africa.

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The end-goal for Operation sight is to provide treatment to 11 million people by 2018, including 4 million school children and 6 million people at risk of blindness in trachoma endemic areas.

Following the event, Prem Goyal said: “I was blown away by the state of the art technology in the flying eye hospital and the progress of Orbis in battling vision ailments worldwide in equal measure.

“I will continue to meet Orbis executives and provide my support to them.”

Thank you to Allan Thompson, Director of External Relations at Orbis UK, for organising this event.

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