Prem supports #UpRising100 Challenge

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Prem Goyal. CEO of Global Markets Consultants (GMC), has thrown his support behind UpRising’s 100 Challenge, which targets to raise £30,000 for the charity’s Alumni Programme.

Uprising, a national youth leadership development charity, is reaching out to its network of supporters to raise £100 each to invest in their 3000-strong Alumni Programme, which provides professional and personal development opportunities for young leaders across the UK so they can reach their full potential.

Prem, an Ambassador for UpRising, is tapping into his network of City and Southwark professionals to raise £100 each for the charity’s programme.

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Asked about his support for the 100 Challenge, Prem said: “The importance of nurturing the leadership attributes in our nation’s young people cannot be understated. The young people of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so they need as much support as possible to reach their full potential.

“This is why UpRising’s Alumni Programme is so vital; it tutors talented young people from a variety of background the art of leadership. Therefore, I am urging everyone in my network to help UpRising raise by raising £100 each so they can continuing developing the leaders of tomorrow”.

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