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Supporting youth prospects with BSix College

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Last year, I was hounored to be asked to join BSix Sixth Form College’s Humanities Advisory Board. As we are nearing the end of 2016, I am delighted at the fantastic progress being made by staff and students alike.

This summer, the college celebrated achieving some outstanding A-level results by their students, with a pass-rate of 95% from 226 students. In even more joyous news, 11 subjects registered a pass-rate of 100%, including many humanities subjects such as Sociology. These outstanding results are testament to the hard-working nature of college’s students and teaching staff.

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With 2017 on the horizon, I look forward to further strengthening my involvement with Bsix College over the next 12 months.

I am delighted to have been invited to deliver an inspirational speech to students at some point during the year, much like I did in December 2015. Once again, I am keen to instill the values of attaining university education, setting ambitious goals and community involvement into their students so that they may one day reach the top of their respective fields.

The BSix College Board of Governors are also discussing the prospect of me being appointed a Governor in the near future. If called upon to become Governor, I would put my 100% support behind initiatives to improve the work skills and employment prospects of all students at the college.


Finally, I hope to invite BSix College Governors, senior staff and some gifted and talented students to a special lunch or dinner in the City of London in the new year. I am confident that experiencing the City in all its glory will open these student’s eyes to the opportunities available to them.

Next year should be an eventful one for the college and I look forward to giving them my wholehearted support.

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