“Thank you for all the help you have given me over the 9 months. I especially appreciate all the advice with my work and life, study opportunities you have given to me, and amazing help with my London Marathon. I like all the changes of myself since I have started to work for GMC. You are the greatest employer I have ever worked for. Your assistance has been invaluable to me. All the knowledge and experiences I have earned in GMC will benefit my future career a lot.”

Qian Zhang, GMC Ex Business Analyst

“Thank you for the opportunity with the Lehman project. It was an interesting introduction to management consultancy. It’s highlighted to me, the importance of continual personal development to keep up the industry which continues to evolve at a fast rate! During the downtime, I’m planning to develop areas where I can improve.”

Aman Khaira, GMC consultant

“Outstanding work Prem – thanks a lot.  Would never have got this done without the help of your team.”

Nial Goodman, Deutsche Bank, Global Credit Trading

Our Business Consultant, Ulrike Koeppl has been recognised with a “Living Our Values Award” by our client

“For their outstanding team work and extra effort required to deliver Summit ILAS functionality in time for FSA go-live June 1st.”

Lloyds Banking Group